means rescuing future doctors, scientists, parents, teachers, artisans,

Online for Life is a pro life organization that works to save children from abortion.

and thousands of intrinsically valuable individuals

who can make their mark on this world.

abortion: the silent holocaust

baby sonogram

Every year, approximately

1.2 million lives

are eliminated through abortion.

that's roughly 3,500 babies per baby every 30 seconds.

Since abortion was legalized in America 40 years ago,
over 56 million lives have been terminated. That’s the equivalent of:

More than the Nazi Holocaust
Pie Chart Showing 71%
the state of texas

Many people believe abortion doesn’t affect them. But consider the cost to society: The estimated loss in the U.S. GDP on account of abortion is over $38 trillion!


Every month there are approximately more than 2 million internet searches for words such as abortion or abortion clinic. When women face a crisis pregnancy, they usually feel scared and helpless and don’t know where to turn . . . so they turn to a place where they can immediately find information and not feel judged—the Internet.

computer screen showing abortoin being chosen
This is where the fight to save lives must take place.
Woman that is pregnant looking for care

On average, only 3 percent of women in crisis pregnancies are coming into contact with life-affirming pregnancy resource centers (PRCs).
In order to eradicate abortion in America, we must find ways to reach the other 97 percent.

Online for Life has the solution

ONLINE FOR LIFE: Making the Connection

Through innovative Internet marketing techniques, supplemented by offline campaigns, Online for Life is reaching abortion-determined women. Once the connection is made, we guide a woman to a nearby life-affirming PRC where she can receive compassion, care, and honest information about abortion and all available life-giving alternatives.

Online for Life focuses on using the Internet to rescue babies from abortion . . . but that’s not all we do:

Online for Life is on Facebook

Our Facebook community soared from 5,000 fans to more than 270,000 fans, one of the fastest growing in the pro-life space. Our daily posts were shared over 170,000 times, reaching over 13 million individuals with a positive life message.

Our smartphone app, which allows people to pray in real time for women considering an abortion, was downloaded over 5,500 times. And in 2014, the app was redesigned and launched on a new platform to grow our praying community exponentially.

We partnered with the former lead singer of Kansas, John Elefante, to help promote his pro-life song “This Time,” deemed as the pro-life anthem of 2013. The music video generated over 400,000 views on YouTube and has been credited for saving many children from abortion.

Our team of Internet marketing technicians bring best-in-class practices to optimize our methodology, allowing us to constantly improve the rate at which we help save lives.

In 2013, Online for Life helped rescue 939 babies from abortion, bringing our three-year total to . . .


lives saved!

And in February of 2014 we set a record number of lives saved from abortion in one month – 123! We help rescue more babies from abortion, the cost-per-life-saved goes down, increasing the impact of every dollar you give. With better testing and optimization, we’ve decreased the cost-per-life-saved to just $265. So that means for every $265 that Online for Life receives, we can help rescue one more baby from abortion.

Right now, for every gift amount of $265 you can verifiably rescue one baby from abortion. For a gift of $1,060, you can save four babies!

on average it costs 265 dollars to save a baby through our marketing efforts

Imagine the satisfaction you will have knowing that for less than a dollar a day, you literally saved a life.

At Online for Life, we believe that the road to ending abortion in America does not begin in courthouses or even in the voting booth. It begins by reaching the women in crisis who are searching on the Internet for answers.

Your gift to Online for Life helps us reach more and more abortion-determined women, so that their unborn babies might be saved and live to make their mark in the world.

Won't you stand with us?

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