So Every Child Makes Their Mark

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Total children rescued from abortion:

Statistics as of February 18, 2015

Online for Life is a compassionate, technology-driven non-profit organization committed to rescuing children and families from abortion.

Join the movement to save children.

We’re reframing the conversation by upending conventional assumptions and promoting the truth about the cultural, sociological, and psychological impacts of abortion.

Why We Work to Save Children from Abortion

Every human life is precious. Whether planned or unplanned, each life is unique, created with wonderful potential and possibility. We work to ensure that women and men considering abortion are equipped to make a fully informed decision regarding their child, in the hope that every child has the chance to make their mark.

Reach Out

We work with life-affirming pregnancy centers nationwide to reach women and men with compassion, grace, and accurate information.

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Strengthen Community

We are building a network of community partners to come alongside the women and men in crisis pregnancies.

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Change Culture

Our culture will return to one that values all human life. And it happens one heart, one mind, one child at a time.

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How You Can Help

We’re revolutionizing how children and families are rescued from abortion. We’ve already saved children. Together, we can save more. Join us.

Save Children and Families

Donate to Online for Life today and save children and families from the destruction of abortion.

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Become a praying partner

Download the Online for Life App to receive real-time alerts on women seeking abortions in your area. Invite your friends to join you in prayer, and share the good news when a family chooses life.

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Real Life Stories.

Robin's Story

Meet Robin. Online for Life helped rescue her daughter from abortion.